Tig-crash\d (deathbecomethme) wrote,

this is my entrance.

anyway. i was telling trish about this mad jamican woman in victoria coach station, when she decided to fire geeks at her as a defensive mechanism, so i applied the idea of using cd-rom drives, modified to increase there power and range. thusly creating the geek cannon.

she wanted to use her friends aswell as randoms, so i told her to use them, as who needs a geek?

she changed her mind, as she does value her geeks, and said that she'll try not to fire me out of the cannon, i thanked her.

anyway, before that i reminded her of my whip and handcuffs, and then we went on to talk about pepper spray and mace. well, she did.

kate intends on stikling trish. and i think trish wants to have sex with peter.

anyway, we deducted that i have a non-existant fettle. which was rather rude, considering that we'd only just started talking and there she went asking how my penis was.

anyway, trish was going to tell binary hero that she was going to have sex with me peter and kate, only he left. i'd prewarned her that she wasnt allowed to have sex with kate either whilst i was at work, or not. so she was on touchy ground.

i asked trish what good a tongue was without gentials, however her attorney advised her not to comment, and to get spelling lessons too. she also commented on how cheeky he was. i personally dont have one, nor want one. well, not yet. maybe when im in some form of legal trouble.

anyway, catch yous all soon! :D
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<3 tig.

Even though I was misquoted!

My attourney will be contacting you shortly! :P
bah. i didn't misqoute you *that* much.

almost all of that was true (if not all)! maybe rearranged a little to suit my amusement, but hey.. what goods a story if you can't tell the good bits in the most amusing of ways.

maybe i should consider getting my self some legal support now.


she'd better sex the lot of you. will be dissapointed if she doesnt.

no, i dont feel at all strange in telling trish to have sex with you.


waiting impatiently for TEH WEEKEND OF DOOOOM!!! DOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!

only with less doom :|
I think really all things considered it'd be better to name it the weekend of mild recuperation and tranquility.
Dude, I really really really really really love your posts first thing on a monday morning, they make so much more sense than all this paper shit. <3 :)
glad to hear that my everyday conversations amuse you :p