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yay for wierd dreams?

i was at kates house although it looked wierd and they had two pcs in the landing, and there was only one floor :S then i got lost and drunk, and we had an argument, then she stormed out, i burst into tears.. peter asked me what was wrong, i started tripping, turned into a wolf, and was running with loads of cartoon wolfs. we were running through a street with really tall buildings each side, and i went to look at the sun, however it turned out to be the moon - and there were loads of faces inbedded in it. the sky had loads of cloud splattered over it, with hundreds of stars, and there were cloudless sections that resembled hand prints. and arms were there, with sunlight reflected off them.. i saw people in the distance and then they blurred into vision. kate was there, but she didnt look like kate :S

i couldnt talk, only write.. and i seemed to be in a mental institute. i kept thinking and writing about how humanity was flawed and that only animals were pure or something.. i got kate to write it down, everyone kept arguing with me and giving me wierd looks. they took me to a bar, the people in the bar tried to start on me. i woke up!

and then i confused kate with it! she also gave me funny looks :p

hello btw :p
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