Tig-crash\d (deathbecomethme) wrote,

until now it was lost..

Book of PHiSH.

"The body of dude is gigglishous."

And there on the bed, lay the God and Godess. And we rolled in worship. There was smoke, and then the Godess pointed her mighty finger. There was silence. Then we giggled.

"Gaahhh, hehehhehheh. God has a phone."

There lay the God, with phone in hand. And he held it high, above his body. We looked in amazement, baffled by his act of greatness. He lowered his hand. Then we giggled.

And then we came to play the Holy Bass Strings.

"Oh my gosh, the Holy Aliens!"

The Godess then applied a twisted hanger onto her head, and we saw her Holy Alien like presence. The Godess then turned the hanger into a swan, to show her awesome powers.

"Yeaaahahah I can pleh the basss!"

The Godess took the mighty Holy Bass Strings in her hand, and twanged. Then let out a mighty cry. Then having play random, decided that she had not the wisdom to use it to its best. She proceeded to play random, twanging Holy Notes thoughout the lands.

"The Godess is moving in mysterous ways"

We wondered, giggling here and there, whilst the Godess played her Holy Theme, and we encountered the Swan, made by the Godess herself. We called it the Swan That Guards It All. Then the Godess played Holy Notes that sounded muchly like Placebo. We were amazed.

"The body of dude is in a polo"

Then the Godess told us of the body of dude. It was within the Holy Polo. Then we each took the body of dude, and ate from its flesh. In this act, we gave ourself to the unity.

"Your feet are near my fanny!"

And we all entered the bed, with the God and Godess. There we entangled our feet with there greatness. We all paid respect to the Godess by placing our feet against her viginal passages. One by one, we took turns to move each foot and see who we were nudging. This demonstrated the love and connections that we each share, both in commonality and in respect.
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