Tig-crash\d (deathbecomethme) wrote,



no sleep for me. yay.

i woke up at 3:30am, after falling asleep at 1:30am-ish. feeling rather yaky. (my fault im sure, but the ray and nephews overproof rum was impressive) HOWEVER that does not aid me in feeling good. infact not much is right now.

i've woke up kate SO many times its insane. infact, i think if i were to wake her again, she'd probably want to kill me. understandable though. i didn't intensionally wake her up mind, just a snease here, cough there, roll here and there, trip to the toilet there, there and there, door open, close, unlock, lock, creak, and cover move here, there and everywhere.

yay for tig. *slaps self* - i realy did too! and it hurt :|

well, im calling rachael in two hours and 20 minutes. little did i know that i'd be here to count down the seconds! heh.

why does the screen seem so bright? it hurts. infact, WHY is my stomach still achy. its been manky now for the past 4 hours, and i've been to the loo SO many times, it should be fine. gah.

water. ugh. i should. i dont want to. i will. *sigh*

anyway. if you want me, say hello! :p i have little to do right now anyway.
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I wouldnt of got angry so ner :P infact i was anything but, i did get scared as you went off to the loo and said you'd be a while, i went to sleep and woke up and then what seemed like an hour later i woke to find you on the floor, i thought you'd collapsed or something and got a fright :/

I was impressed by my non angryness, i normally loose it after the first 20 times :P