Tig-crash\d (deathbecomethme) wrote,

whats this?

woah. erm. hello. alcohol? yes please. thankyew petar. drunkard i will suffice in state of being please k thx. heeeeeeeeeeehe. OH LISTEN TO ME ALREADY! im not drunk adiquatly. i cant spell that word.

GHOST BUSTERS! music is great. as is kate, and peter too is a saint. oh, my rhyming skills feel faint. i have no more bait to throw at you mate. *grins* i've had to edit this so many times. fluffs dancing. i can hear bess too. OH SHES TAKEN OVER FLUFF. :|

poor fluff.

kate had to complain to UPS. she ended up in a conversation with 2 UPS personel at the same time after being put on hold whilst enquiring where mah GP32 was after it had passed 6pm and the delivery had supposidly been delivered. how she ended up chatting to a driver is anyones idea. and that was just to complain. but thanks to kates awesome skill, i now have me a GP32, copy of "little wizard" - which rocks, a playstation dance mat, a rather cool EMS2 USB PSX adapter that supports all playstation controllers (WOO!), 6-in-1 card reader (bah to camera usb cambles!), a playstation emulator adapter & mod chip adapter (hah to yew psx copy protection!) and other goodies i can't recall. i do however need a 128mb SMC card to use on my GP32 so i can play free things and mp3s and whatever else i can get my hands on.

please to send me one kthx m8s.

love tig.

ps. i want your genitalia.
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