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Однако к моему [30 Jan 2014|02:19am]
В газете ничего не появилось.
Ясно, что мнение переменилось два года спустя после события, то есть после статьи 1901 года, в которой было высказано предположение о Венере.
Поскольку такие дирижабли создаются для военных, рискнем предположить, что дирижабли двадцать первого века могут быть использованы даже для трансатлантических пассажирских перевозок».
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В начале войны [30 Jan 2014|01:16am]
Она сказала, что больше не может ему доверять.
К своему сожалению, «правдолюбам», как их прозвали, становилось все труднее доказывать ошибочность тех или иных утверждений Брак.
Он позвонил Уигтону и Тейбору и велел им покупать акции Gulf.
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Review: Punch Drunk Love [05 Oct 2013|12:39am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Review: Punch Drunk Love

What a messed up and real perception on life. No romanticism here, just a harsh and brutal take on the dark side of the fence.

What goes on in the heads of the unsound; that is to say the majority that gets swept under the carpet. A loud and brutal slam on the door of that pretty picture that we always see.

But don't let your hearts get dragged down by my words, the film captures something special, something meaningful. Where better to find true compassion then in the gutter, right? It captures a true sense of caring that doesn't concern itself with judging others, that doesn't care about social norms. Just love in its rawest form. Love and compassion.

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:| [18 May 2005|09:43pm]
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ima die after yews :| [27 Feb 2005|07:27pm]
I am going to die at 74. When are you? Click here to find out!
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rar! bang bang! :p [23 Jan 2005|07:53pm]
What Video Game Character Are You? I am an Asteroid.I am an Asteroid.

I am a drifter. I go where life leads, which makes me usually a very calm and content sort of person. That or thoroughly apathetic. Usually I keep on doing whatever I'm doing, and it takes something special to make me change my mind. What Video Game Character Are You?
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[17 Jan 2005|11:18pm]

and YES! i know its not 2006..


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[03 Nov 2004|07:42pm]
purE morning.

cos a friend with weed is better.

stormy weather eh?
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stolen off of trish who stole it from dik who stole it from someone who stole it from someone else.. [25 Sep 2004|10:34pm]
1. Think of a word you would use to describe me.
2. Go to Google Image Search and search for that word.
3. Select the picture you see as most fitting, and post it as a reply.
4. Post this meme in your journal.
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ci teh t33g? [27 Aug 2004|11:30am]
eXpressive: 6/10
Practical: 7/10
Physical: 4/10
Giver: 12/10

You are a XPIG--Expressive Practical Intellectual Giver. This makes you a Catch.

You are a magazine-cover, matinee idol dreamboat. Parents love you and want to set you up with their kids. However, first dates are tough because it takes time for your qualities to come out.

You are generous and kind. You think first and act later. You are cool in a conflict, but your practical side means if your partner throws out emotional appeals ("why can't we do what I want for a change?") they will grate on your nerves, even when the conflict is resolved.

You're a romantic. You enjoy the thrill of the hunt, and you don't just fall into bed with anyone. You pay close attention to your significant other's needs, and this makes you an excellent lover and partner. The problem is that your friends and lovers may find it so easy to express things to *you* that they lose sight of whether you feel as comfortable with *them*! This doesn't necessarily make you feel under-appreciated -- you're too well-adjusted and self-aware for that -- but you may feel restless. Thus you seek adventure in your life outside the relationship to prove and actualize yourself.

Of all the types, you would make the best parent.

You are coiffed.

Didja see "Big Fish"? 'Cause you're like Ewan MacGregor in "Big Fish."

Of the 11372 people who have taken this quiz, 8.5 % are this type.


Well, bits may be me.. But for a start, the rarity that i let anyone close enough for them to feel comfortable talking to me in a close mannor is lOoow. so pah to yew test.
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[12 May 2004|01:27pm]

There's a 0 - 25% Chance You'll Cheat!

Sound about right?

You know the deal. Everyone gets tempted...

And the key to maintaining your relationship is not giving in.

You even go as far as staying away from anything close to cheating.

But everyone's human, so don't over do it.

You might come to resent your pure ways - and get a little too crazy to compensate.

Sound completely wrong?

So you're a cheater!

Either you're really prone to cheat (you find sex in any situation)

Or on the way to recovery.

With answers like yours, you know what it takes to shape up.

Are You Likely to Cheat?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

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whats this? [07 May 2004|11:59pm]
woah. erm. hello. alcohol? yes please. thankyew petar. drunkard i will suffice in state of being please k thx. heeeeeeeeeeehe. OH LISTEN TO ME ALREADY! im not drunk adiquatly. i cant spell that word.

GHOST BUSTERS! music is great. as is kate, and peter too is a saint. oh, my rhyming skills feel faint. i have no more bait to throw at you mate. *grins* i've had to edit this so many times. fluffs dancing. i can hear bess too. OH SHES TAKEN OVER FLUFF. :|

poor fluff.

kate had to complain to UPS. she ended up in a conversation with 2 UPS personel at the same time after being put on hold whilst enquiring where mah GP32 was after it had passed 6pm and the delivery had supposidly been delivered. how she ended up chatting to a driver is anyones idea. and that was just to complain. but thanks to kates awesome skill, i now have me a GP32, copy of "little wizard" - which rocks, a playstation dance mat, a rather cool EMS2 USB PSX adapter that supports all playstation controllers (WOO!), 6-in-1 card reader (bah to camera usb cambles!), a playstation emulator adapter & mod chip adapter (hah to yew psx copy protection!) and other goodies i can't recall. i do however need a 128mb SMC card to use on my GP32 so i can play free things and mp3s and whatever else i can get my hands on.

please to send me one kthx m8s.

love tig.

ps. i want your genitalia.
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ugh [25 Apr 2004|06:48am]

no sleep for me. yay.

i woke up at 3:30am, after falling asleep at 1:30am-ish. feeling rather yaky. (my fault im sure, but the ray and nephews overproof rum was impressive) HOWEVER that does not aid me in feeling good. infact not much is right now.

i've woke up kate SO many times its insane. infact, i think if i were to wake her again, she'd probably want to kill me. understandable though. i didn't intensionally wake her up mind, just a snease here, cough there, roll here and there, trip to the toilet there, there and there, door open, close, unlock, lock, creak, and cover move here, there and everywhere.

yay for tig. *slaps self* - i realy did too! and it hurt :|

well, im calling rachael in two hours and 20 minutes. little did i know that i'd be here to count down the seconds! heh.

why does the screen seem so bright? it hurts. infact, WHY is my stomach still achy. its been manky now for the past 4 hours, and i've been to the loo SO many times, it should be fine. gah.

water. ugh. i should. i dont want to. i will. *sigh*

anyway. if you want me, say hello! :p i have little to do right now anyway.
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until now it was lost.. [16 Apr 2004|02:25pm]
The Book Of PHiSHCollapse )
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dreamytalk [08 Apr 2004|03:47pm]
[ mood | tired ]

yay for wierd dreams?

i was at kates house although it looked wierd and they had two pcs in the landing, and there was only one floor :S then i got lost and drunk, and we had an argument, then she stormed out, i burst into tears.. peter asked me what was wrong, i started tripping, turned into a wolf, and was running with loads of cartoon wolfs. we were running through a street with really tall buildings each side, and i went to look at the sun, however it turned out to be the moon - and there were loads of faces inbedded in it. the sky had loads of cloud splattered over it, with hundreds of stars, and there were cloudless sections that resembled hand prints. and arms were there, with sunlight reflected off them.. i saw people in the distance and then they blurred into vision. kate was there, but she didnt look like kate :S

i couldnt talk, only write.. and i seemed to be in a mental institute. i kept thinking and writing about how humanity was flawed and that only animals were pure or something.. i got kate to write it down, everyone kept arguing with me and giving me wierd looks. they took me to a bar, the people in the bar tried to start on me. i woke up!

and then i confused kate with it! she also gave me funny looks :p

hello btw :p

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have some breasts. [24 Mar 2004|03:16pm]
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laterz. [24 Mar 2004|02:40pm]
oh well. i think its time i take a break from the internet for a long while. normally i wouldnt bother saying it, but i figure i do like most of the people on here anyway so i will give you all the oppertunity to tell me how retarded i am whilst doing so (yay for the comment feature).

if i see you again, cool. if i don't, take care and enjoy things.

btw, i wont be doing the whole "im going now! *wah*" and then comming back again 1 month later thing (har :p).

anyway. bye.

i will be using my live journal, just not checking it. and if i do, well.. heh. see yew in comment form :p
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[06 Mar 2004|12:25am]
oh dear, oh dear.


life is a funneh game now isn't it. heheh. i guess its all personal preference. or plain damn sillyness.
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woow. [02 Mar 2004|01:14pm]
so anyway. people came. people got drunk. people got stoned. chaos ensued. i surfed the carpet. we went upstairs. people got more stoned. people got extra happy. a few remaining people got very much more stoned. and people fell unconsious. we woke. drunk more, smoked more, ate pizza, went out. people left.

well well well.

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this is my entrance. [22 Feb 2004|10:41pm]
anyway. i was telling trish about this mad jamican woman in victoria coach station, when she decided to fire geeks at her as a defensive mechanism, so i applied the idea of using cd-rom drives, modified to increase there power and range. thusly creating the geek cannon.

she wanted to use her friends aswell as randoms, so i told her to use them, as who needs a geek?

she changed her mind, as she does value her geeks, and said that she'll try not to fire me out of the cannon, i thanked her.

anyway, before that i reminded her of my whip and handcuffs, and then we went on to talk about pepper spray and mace. well, she did.

kate intends on stikling trish. and i think trish wants to have sex with peter.

anyway, we deducted that i have a non-existant fettle. which was rather rude, considering that we'd only just started talking and there she went asking how my penis was.

anyway, trish was going to tell binary hero that she was going to have sex with me peter and kate, only he left. i'd prewarned her that she wasnt allowed to have sex with kate either whilst i was at work, or not. so she was on touchy ground.

i asked trish what good a tongue was without gentials, however her attorney advised her not to comment, and to get spelling lessons too. she also commented on how cheeky he was. i personally dont have one, nor want one. well, not yet. maybe when im in some form of legal trouble.

anyway, catch yous all soon! :D
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